hexOr Livestream - Playing Sandking

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    == DotA 2 - hexOr Livestream - Playing Sandking ==

    Played it live and thought it might be a cool idea to upload it to YouTube so there you go! Livegaming Sandking action! Enjoy & leave a like if you like!

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    Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/DotA2hexOr
    Twitch.TV/Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/themagicalhexor

    Music Supplied by Monstercat Media:

    Artist Name: Monstercat : 006 - Embrace - Album Mix (1 Hour) [Monstercat Album Promo]


    Album Download Links:

    Ephixa Licensed Music: http://www.Ephixa.com
    Monstercat 001 Album: http://itunes.apple....eek/id450533017
    Monstercat 002 Album: http://itunes.apple....age/id467544703
    Monstercat 003 Album: http://itunes.apple....tum/id479551069
    Monstercat 004 Album: http://itunes.apple....ity/id490154844
    Monstercat 005 Album: http://itunes.apple....ion/id503598845