hi,I m buying keys timebreaker and DC Hook

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  1. Echo

    Echo Недавно с нами

    Hi,I m buying keys for wmr 45 each,

    and if you are selling timebreaker and DC hook, please leave your offer.

    I m a webmoney classic user,and I have get a good reputation.

    My reputation thread:


    My steam profile:


    add me to complete the trade safely and fast>

    Have a nice day
  2. Sovershennui

    Sovershennui Активист

    Do u have DC or panda for lone druid?
    Im going to buy it
  3. Echo

    Echo Недавно с нами

    no,I m buying DC HOOk and keys
  4. Sovershennui

    Sovershennui Активист

    Oh okay
    good luck dude :)
  5. Echo

    Echo Недавно с нами

    tks ,buddy
  6. Echo

    Echo Недавно с нами

    does any one want to sell some keys ?please leave your offer or add me to discuss.I can give a nice price and safe trade.:)

    I have bought a lot of keys in dota2lounge.com,and need more keys.
    but the price there is pretty high.so I'm looking for a key supplier for me here,
    we can develop a long time relationship.
  7. Echo

    Echo Недавно с нами

  8. Echo

    Echo Недавно с нами

    bump again :)
  9. Echo

    Echo Недавно с нами

    bump,havnt boght any keys yet>