Обновление Dota 2 Beta от 29 марта

Тема в разделе "Архив", создана пользователем Nero123, 29 мар 2012.

  1. Nero123

    Nero123 Guest

    • Fixed bug where a few bear form lines would play when in human form.
    • Fixed bug where Spirit Bear would drop drop-on-death items when being upraded.
    • Fixed bug where Spirit Bear is killed when Lone Druid dies with Aegis.
    • Fixed bug where you couldn't use TP boots to teleport to your Spirit Bear.
    • Added overhead indicator when bear is out of range.
    • Fixed how Demolish works.
    • Fixed Gem on Spirit Bear.
    • Fixed Soul Ring giving the bear mana permanently.
    • Fixed Observer and Sentry ward usage by Spirit Bear.
    • Purge from demonic purge and diffusal blade now interact correctly with units that are considered heroes or ancients. This fixes the bug where the spirit bear is rooted in place by these abilities.
    • Fixed power treads losing its stats if you have two of them and then drop one.
    • Исправлена работа Armlet с Spirit Bear.
    • Исправлены горячие клавиши, которые используются при использовании курьера.
    • Fixed Spirit Bear hover tooltip not working properly.
    • Исправлена ошибка с обновлением, которое не правильно устанавливалось.