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    Текст песни

    Dota 2, I'm coming for you
    whether the radiant or dire I'ma smash on through
    Dota 2- Load the game up and I play it every day
    Dota 2- I can't really see it any other way x2

    Verse One:
    Now I remember playing the original,
    It grabbed my attention, because it wasn't typical,
    I used to play a wide variety of the custom games,
    The thing about Dota - it blew my mind away
    It was gripping, addicting, the best thing,
    That ever happened to anybody that was wishing,
    To play a good game, and it spawned,
    Several copies, such as LoL or HoN
    So you can go ahead and try to get your fill,
    But nothing can compare to the sequal,
    I'm playing this game all night until,
    I see the sun rise, just above my window sill/
    I have no hopes and dreams of going pro,
    I just wanna play Sven - my favourite hero,
    So goodbye LoL - we're through,
    I'll see y'all around in Dota2

    Verse Two:
    Defence of the ancients is back once again
    time to save all you nubs from attacks call me Chen
    and I heal from the back as I channel me Zen
    Hey collective, throw me off a little stun from your Sven
    So I killed all the Scourge and the sentinel
    I'm comin' for the radiant and dire like a bowling ball
    Call me antimage I'm scaling and I snowball
    earthshaker try to run I stop you with a wall
    so ya, don't try to run from me
    because the ground will starta rumblin' you sprint and flee
    then you see, you're surrounded by a flock of trees
    and when you're dead, I'ma teleport away with ease (furion)
    But please, I don't need to read a lengthy book
    I'm intelligent enough to land amazing hooks
    and apples? why would I need to know how to cook
    cause I'm dismembering you fools leaving noobs shook
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